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Have you always wanted to learn how to do country western dances? 

Join us for line dancing lessons to country music — great dancing opportunity that does not require a partner.  Ultra beginner lessons are conducted on Tuesday afternoon and Beginner/Intermediate lessons are conducted on Thursday afternoon.  Both lessons are conducted at the Palm Ridge Recreation Center.  See Line Dance Lessons page on this website for time, admission fee and restrictions. 

If partner dancing is what you want to learn, grab your partner and join us from January to March on Wednesday night at R.H Johnson Social Hall from 6:00 PM. to 7:30 PM. for a one and a half hour of basic Progressive 2-Step, Swing,or Waltz lessons.  Just check our calendar of events to see Dates, Times, Location, Dance being taught and Cost of lessons.  Dance and Lessons are open to all Rec. card holding Residents, Reciprocal Members and Accompanied Guests. 

Sorry, due to the Coronavirus restrictions non-resident guests are prohibited from all lessons – check back frequently for updates to this SCW policy.

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